July 15, 2018

Neighborhood Swatch | Shimmerz Education

Even though I am not an art journaler I love watching other artist share their journaling process on youtube. This is how I found this idea that I had to try when I recently received a small package full of Creameez and Shimmerz. As I told you in my very first blogpost for Shimmerz in the beginning of the year, I am still new to mixed media and all the beautiful products Shimmerz offers and so I wanted to test out these paints before adding more of them to my stash. And let me just tell you, I'm in love!

Instead of swatching my paints on a piece of paper, I followed an idea that I saw James Burke do in one of his recent videos. He jokingly called it "Neighborhood Swatch Tutorial". The rectangular swatches are arranged horizontally across your paper and colors are repeated, then using a pen, all you do is draw quirky houses on top of the rectangles. And that is basically it!

If you have ever watched from the sidelines (like me) when others just do and create beautiful artwork and itched to try but never knew how and where to start, this is another way of dipping your toes. You do not need a lot of supplies: use paints you have on hand, mists like the Vibes and Coloringz or paints like the Creameez, Shimmerz or Inklingz work perfectly fine for this. You only need three of four different colors, a paint brush and paper and a pen. I, again, used what I had on hand, a black Sharpie Pen.

After my first try in the sketch book that I usually use to swatch paints which I was basically doing as well, I decided that I loved this so much, I would do another set of houses in my weekly traveler's notebook insert. I cannot wait to share this page with you on instagram once it is finished!

Here is a link to my process video on youtube. If you place an order in the Shimmerz Store, don't forget to mention my name Simone in the comments at checkout to receive a free mini surprise product! Thanks for stopping by today!
Creameez - Ride the Tide, Boogie Boardin' Blue, Daffodil, 1 Hot Mama
Shimmerz - Key Lime