April 20, 2017

April Lilli Design Team: Some good advice.

Last time I told you that I was choosing only those photos that tell a story. Turns out, this month I also seem to have chosen some pictures with a high cuteness factor. I started this layout by adding some white gesso to my background paper called TRANCE. Then I used the packaging technique to add color. I used my new watercolor set for the very first time here. Then I added some more texture to the background using the washi stickers. And I also backed my photo with a scrap of patterned paper and green cardstock. Unconsciously, I started to place the embellishments sorted by colors. And I really liked how that turned out.

But what do you do when you don't really have a story to tell? I went through the ephemera pack and found some affirmations that I liked and that I wanted my son to read one day. So I took them all out and placed them on the layout. Again sorting them by color and placing them near their corresponding background. That looked ok but did not yet convince.

It was still a very random layout with little meaning to it. And I also hadn't used the puffy alphabet stickers, again! With this in mind, I decided to form full sentences, grabbing my stash of alphabet stickers and transforming the random affirmations into personal I-messages. I went for a visually pleasing effect which makes the message a little harder to read: "I love when you are dreaming with eyes wide open, I hope you will reach for the sky, take one step at a time, never forget to live for the moment." I just thought that I could add an "&" right above the "never" - it might help find the start for the last part of my motherly advice better and also make the whole sentence more fluent. I really love how the layout turned out.

After I finished, I felt that I needed some kind of border at the bottom. So I went into my small colored cardstock stash and looked for the most dominant colors in the layout and staggered smaller strips to form a line. I then added the rubber chip house and stamped two dates: when the photo was taken and when I created the layout.

The dream on collection by pinkfresh studio is 20% off for the whole month of April 2017 in the April Lilli shop!

April 19, 2017

Cocoa Daisy: April Planner Setup.

I was on the Cocoa Daisy Blog last week, sharing my April Planner Setup. Here it is:

In April I switched from a standard size TN (= traveler's notebook) to a personal size. I have four inserts in my TN: a folder, the April DaisyDori, a monthly insert and a bullet journal insert.

When I made the folder I filmed the process. If you want you want to follow along, this is what you need: cardstock and/or patterned paper and a page protector. I sewed along the edges but you can easily swap the sewing out for washi tape. You can find the video on my youtube channel here: Making a folder with pouch and clear pockets.

I even repurposed the packaging from the Planner Addon kit. My initial idea was to have a place for my dashboard and the Cocoa Daisy Planner stickers. However, the stickers had about 1 cm overhang, so I put them in the pocket in the front of my TN.

Then I decorated the cover of my April DaisyDori with a Cocoa Daisy dashboard, some exclusive paper, the April sticker from the sticker sheet and this beautiful puffy butterfly sticker. Yes, I know: there is a huge contrast between my colorful, mixed media-rish dashboard in the front and this very clean and simple cover. That is exactly the way I like it! This photo is a bit older that is why the DaisyDori is sandwiched in the folder. I have since moved the DaisyDori to its own elastic because it was moving a lot when I wrote in it. That bugged me. A lot.

Before I'll move on to roughly show you what I use the other two inserts for, I want to give you a closer look at my DaisyDori setup. I am using the monthly calendar to record my step count in April and if this works out, I might continue to do so in the following months.

Then on the first two pages I have -and always had ever since I started using the DaisyDori- my meal plan for the whole month on one side and on the other my monthly goals. This month I chose three because it is Baseball season and two of my sons play. So I am very busy and don't want to overwhelm myself with too many goals. I have learned this the hard way and put myself up to failure last spring.

One of my goals is getting back into a cleaning routine. I have had times when I cleaned the whole house in one day and it worked well but since starting my youtube channel, creating for Design Teams and volunteering a lot at our elementary school, I didn't want another full day blocked and not having time to be creative. So I am trying to clean one room each day, leaving Saturdays for Baseball and reserving Sundays to supervise the kids when they do their chores. To keep track of my success I cut down one of the weekly pages from the personal planner pages to fit into one of my folder pockets. I added a tab and a "clean" sticker and can now check off each week. I really like to have this separate so I can check my progress after the month. Since this is not a routine yet, I make sure to add it to my daily to do list as well.

I use the rest of the DaisyDori as a daily planner. The DaisyDori has 36 pages, minus the first and last page and minus the two pages I use for meal planning and goals, this leaves 32 pages to be used. I don't pay any attention to the page design, some of my daily pages are divided in sections and have a grid, some are lined, some are blank and some are sectioned. Since April has 30 days I will end up with two spare pages in the back. I haven't thought about a use for them yet. But I am also not concerned if they will be left blank.

Here is a look at my MO2P (=month on two pages) in my monthly insert. When I used the DaisyDori in standard size for March, I actually used the calendar in the front. In my monthly spread I indicate birthdays, doctor's appointments, lunch dates, school breaks and any other activities that aren't reoccuring.

Finally, the last insert in my TN is this bullet journal insert. This is where I house all of my lists and collections that I want to keep separate from my daily and monthly planning, mostly because I need to refer back to them all year. Since I just moved from a standard size TN to this personal size, I still need to move some of my lists.

In case you want to find out more about me, here is how I introduced myself on the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans Facebook group: Introduction. I have been subscribed to the DaisyDori since January 2016 and if you want to see how I started my DaisyDori journey, I am sharing them on my youtube channel here: Throwback Thursday * Planning 2016.

Thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to read about my April planner setup, I hope I was able to inspire you to get creative. If you want to know more about my change to a personal size Traveler's Notebook or how I use my standard size DaisyDori, make sure you check out my youtube channel and follow me on instagram.

April 6, 2017

April Lilli Design Team: Hello Berlin!

It is an new month that means, I get to work with another collection for April Lilli. In April, the Design Team is working with the colorful, bold "dream on" line by pinkfresh studio. My creative process when working with a collection is very similar every month.

First, I film the unboxing video. This is a great way for me to have a closer look at the colors, papers, embellishments and themes included in a collection. Then I go to my computer and look at my photos. For this design team I have decided to narrow my choices down using these two self imposed rules: No. 1 - Look at photos from 2010 to 2013. No. 2 - Look only at photos that were taken during the month that the collection you are working with is featured in. For example, for this collection I looked at photos from April 2011, April 2012 and April 2013. Every photo that sparks a story will be marked and placed in a separate folder. Then I go back through all of my marked photos and choose 4-6 photos or sets of photos that will work well with the collection. Finally, I edit and print these photos. The television tower (Fernsehturm) of Berlin was one of those photos that sparked a story. When looking at that photo I immediately knew I wanted to make a layout about my love for Berlin.

When my photos are printed, I go back to the collection. I take out all of the papers and try to find ways to pair photos and papers or specific embellishments. Sometimes these papers also spark layout ideas, just as the photos spark story ideas. With this very muted circle background "Wish" this was exactly the case: I saw it and knew it would lend itself perfectly as the background for a centered layout. It fit perfectly well with the muted photo and the blue "Reverie" paper brought in the much needed contrast and also helped emphasize the blue in the photo. So the decision was made: a centered layout using these papers and this photo.

Having these ideas in mind, I went ahead to create my layout. I filmed the whole process, you can watch it here on youtube: Hello Berlin! In addition to the dream on collection, I also used the Saturday Hello phrase thickers by Dear Lizzy that had the perfect title for my layout. When looking at the "Hello" you will find that the letters overlap the stitching, the photo and also the different layers. This helps to connect the different layers and also to break up the clear lines of the layout.

I used very few embellishments on this layout. The few I used were placed very deliberately, like the washi sticker "one of a kind" that nestled perfectly above the "Berlin" and right next to the "o" and filled in an awkward space. I used several other washi stickers from the washi sticker set on the layout. I especially love how this rubber banner from the rubber chips helps to strengthen and ground the title. Having it underneath the stamped "Berlin" it balances out the heavy black bold "Hello".

The dream on collection by pinkfresh studio is 20% off for the whole month of April 2017 in the April Lilli shop!

March 30, 2017

April Lilli Design Team: Mixed Media Bookmarks.

The Lovely Day "tag paper" called to me all month long. I wanted to make bookmarks but wondered what I would do with eight of them. Then I had the idea to make them and send them out to my friends, some new and some old friends. After knowing that they wouldn't go to waste I started and went all in: gesso, structure paste, stencils, stamps, neocolor crayons, washi tape, stickers, die cuts, everything I had in my stash was put to use. I have never done art journaling and mixed media and just wanted to try and play. These bookmarks seemed to be a great way to start without being overwhelming. I totally love how they turned out!

There are still two days left in March, so go ahead and get some or all of the Lovely Day collection in the April Lilli Shop where it is this month's featured collection and 20% off. There is a video on youtube where I show you what I made this month and also how much there is still left. Hope you go and check it out: Dear Lizzy: Lovely Day - projects and kill-a-kit!

March 23, 2017

April Lilli Design Team: Santa Cruz Selfies.

When I am done with my two projects for the month and I still have photos and material left from the featured collection, I love to experiment. This is exactly what I did here. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do: the pink ledger paper from the Dear Lizzy Lovely Day collection went so well with the pink jacket I wore in the pictures. Then I saw the numbers from the embellishment pack and started to play.

When I started out, the photos were still collaged on one 4x6 photo, I went ahead and cut them apart. Now I had four small ones to work with. Should I group them together? Layer papers behind them? If I placed them on four different spots on the paper, then I would need something to justify the place they would go. So I went with the trusty tickets and added one number. To ground them I added the washi tape behind the photos. I really liked how that looked so far.

Now: what about a title and where would the journaling go? I had this long sentence in my head: "The day we went to Santa Cruz and took so many selfies and not a single one turned out nice." What if I made that my title? That would spread out in between the photos, highlighting different words? That would actually fill the paper and give me a chance to balance the layout. I used the thickers from Crate Paper's Heart Day collection because I didn't want to add more color.

After adding the title there was some awkward space left that was ideal for some larger embellishments, so I fussy cut some of the flowers from the color me pretty paper. This way I was able to repeat the flowers from the washi tape and connect the different layers. After this base was done, I went a little crazy with the ephemera and puffy stickers. And there you have it - done.

Don't forget to grab your favorite pieces from the Dear Lizzy Lovely Day collection in the April Lilli shop, it is 20% off for the month of March 2017.

March 18, 2017

Cocoa Daisy Saturday Seminar: A5 sticker sheet.

Today for our Saturday Seminars in the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans group, we talked about the A5 sticker sheet. This is a tricky sheet for me both in size and in the way I use it: the size only fits into my standard size traveler's notebook if I cut or fold it in half. I usually fold it right underneath the tab stickers, then I'll only have to use one sticker right away and there is no damage happening to any other stickers. The stickers itself are a mixture of both: functional stickers and pretty stickers. And this is where the problem occurs, I usually use the functional stickers very quickly but have a hard time using the pretty stickers. I tend to hoard pretty things instead of using them and have just recently started to force myself to use all the things. In my opinion, I have been doing very good so far in March, there are a lot of stickers already used. But there have been months where I haven't used a single sticker.

I'll start with showing you how I used the two top stickers: they are always to rectangular stickers, one with the month printed on it and one label. Putting the monthly label on the cover of my insert is something I have been doing almost every time I got my hands on this sticker sheet. The clear label I used this month to note my stats for youtube and instagram on the first. I also used one of the little hearts right next to the label to emphasize the milestone. Yes, I have actually reached 1000 youtube-subscribers at the end of February!

These next to photos show how I often use the tab stickers - for decoration on my pages. I hate it when my tabs are too floppy which is often the case with these sticker labels. So I tend to use them for decorating and layering. For this I cut them apart in the middle. In both cases here, I actually added text into the tab, but there have been numerous times when I simply covered the tab with a die cut or another sticker. In the right photo you can also see two more stickers from this sticker sheet: I added the small arrow from the "flag and arrow" stickers to the tab embellishment cluster making it quite clear that it was Theo's birthday. And since this is indeed a very important day, I also used the corresponding sticker at the top of the page.

Every month the sticker shapes are the same on this sticker sheet but the design and the words are different. In the past I have really struggled when I tried to use these quarter circle stickers on my pages. But this month they fit perfectly as appointment reminders. I hope to use the rest of them as well and try to keep going in April. The flags from the "flag and arrows" were equally hard for me to use: I always need some kind of edge to place them and never thought outside the box enough. So -in my mind- I only had the top of the page and they never worked there. But by simply drawing a box or a line or adding some washi for the sticker to rest, I can now place this sticker anywhere on the page.
This month the arrows were stickers indicating a specific event like the start of daylight savings time or St. Patrick's Day. In the right photo you can see how I used the "hop forward" sticker on March, 12 and then also used the tiny arrows to add the tasks for that day.

Are you using your stickers? Or are you a hoarder like me? After trying really hard to use my stickers and not hoard them since the start of March, I can tell you: it is far more satisfying to use all the things instead of having a growing stash and a slight feeling of guilt. And using pretty things makes me happy!

March 17, 2017

Cocoa Daisy: April Planner Kits and TOP 5

When my package from Cocoa Daisy arrived at my house on Wednesday, I filmed an unboxing video and then arranged all of the items from the kits on my white foam core for some pictures. Theo -my youngest- was home with me and pointed out the different things he liked and was generally very interested in all of the pretty planner things, that I had the idea of a new little series: every month Theo and I will pick our TOP 5 items from the kits and share them.

Theo's choices are dominated by the pretty butterflies, he picked those first and then he also chose the washi tape and the week on one page from the personal planner pages. I totally understand why: the stripes perfectly represent the color scheme of the month and are always an eye catcher. Then his and circled above the die cuts once more and the minute he read: "Today will be a good day!" he dove down and made his last pick.

I leaned towards the clouds this month: I chose the puffy cloud paper clip as well as the cloud sticker sheet. I love the patterns on the clouds and I cannot wait to use them. Then I chose the journaling card which not only includes my favorite pattern from the patterned papers but also this quote from Shakespeare. And even though I don't use the tab die cuts very often, I love them non the less and this one has a raindrop pattern! Lastly I chose these two dandelion die cuts which are by far my most favorite item in the whole kit. I just LOVE dandelions.

March 15, 2017

April Lilli Design Team: Poser

Here is my next layout that I made for April Lilli. I don't really know what made me go this direction with the layout but for me, the whimsical feel of the papers and embellishments made me think of Shimelle Laine and her style of scrapbooking. I love her Glitter Girl videos and watched them all in the beginning stages of my scrapbooking. She is such a great teacher of basic concepts and I definitely learned a lot from her. I had just watched Glitter Girl episode #146 when I pulled the papers and photos and maybe it was the red paper in both layouts that made me want to scraplift her design. So that is what I did.

I took a screenshot of the layout and then drew a rough sketch on paper marking where the patterned papers would go and where her embellishment clusters went. And then I started myself. I can't say much more about the layout except that her style doesn't come naturally to me. But having the sketch really helped a lot. I never thought I could make that fox paper as a background work so nicely. I love how this turned out!

There is a full process video on my youtube channel, where I tell you more about my thought process. Don't forget to get your share of the Dear Lizzy Lovely Day collection for 20% off in the April Lilli shop during March 2017.

March 11, 2017

Cocoa Daisy Saturday Seminar: Functional Sticker Sheet.

In the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans group on facebook we are starting a new series: the Saturday Seminars. In these we are trying to show ways on how we use the product that come in the Cocoa Daisy Planner kits and add-ons. This week we are concentrating on the functional sticker sheet. Lindsey from the planner team has actually listed all the different stickers on her blog, there are 110 stickers on this sheet. I have taken some pictures on how I use them in my planner.

Let's start with a sticker that I had neglected previously: the skinny arrows. There are 8 arrows on the sticker sheet in two color ways. This month I have been using them as arrows to point at important things throughout the day. When I had a list of things I used it to highlight the most important task by highlighting it. I really love that it is so skinny - it doesn't take up too much space which means that the line spacing stays the same. And line spacing is important to this nerdy person.

Moving on to the bullet flags. Four of them are included on every sheet. I use them to make lists, they fit perfectly on the grid section in the inserts and each bullet lines up nicely. Most days my to do list includes more items than four, so I use it on days where I know I can only handle four tasks because the rest of the day is so busy. Or I might divide my tasks into different topics and then use one for chores or video making or kids. This particular day even a sticker didn't help me to get things done, I had to move all four tasks to the next day. Ooops.
Here you can also see how I used the arrow (or as I call them house) stickers. For the afternoon, I marked the two most important things with them. They helped me to space the activities out nicely on the paper. I really am a sucker for a well designed layout - right now, I am using my DaisyDori insert as a daily planner, so each page is one day. The days do not have to be cohesive in their layout but each day's layout needs to be "pleasing to my eye" to work for me. I will do a whole blogpost on how this new setup is working for me, if you are interested, just leave a comment below!

This is another one of the arrows, they differ slightly from the ones above and are included in two sizes on the sticker sheet. You get eight narrow and four wide arrows. I use them very similarly to the arrows above. They would also work well with some writing on them. What I didn't know about them, until just recently, is the fact that they were specifically designed to fit into the date flag stickers. You could mark work days (and hours) or days off or a vacation or other special days like that.

Here is an example on how I used the circle stickers from the sticker sheet. They come in three different sizes, the middle and large circles are two colored. There are six large, six middle and sixteen circles in total. I often use the smallest size to mark out different activities or appointments that I have to remember. But I haven't really used the other two sizes, so I tried to use them and here are two examples. In the photo above I used the circle sticker to highlight a stamp. I partially stamped onto the circle. This way the stamp was more visible and prominent on the page. I also used it to note my stats and fit the word "STATS" into the circle.

I mostly struggle with the word stickers, there are thirteen on the sheet and they all have different words on them. I have only used two of them this month. One can be found in the picture above: I used it to mark the start of the weekend and simply added "Yay, it's the" in my handwriting. The other one was used to mark grocery shopping - one picture above this one. I guess, I need to be a little more creative next week to get them used up by the end of the month!

Yes, I really do want to use up most of my kits every month, I am trying very hard to use the things I love instead of hoarding them. I am a hoarder by nature, always thinking there might be a better opportunity to use a sticker, paper or embellishment. It might sound strange but this for me is "living in the now". Enjoying pretty (and functional) planner things now and not waiting for the perfect moment. It is a very satisfying feeling when I put these things to good use and I love it!

March 9, 2017

April Lilli Design Team: Blindfisch

April has teamed up with Victoria Marie to bring sketches to her facebook group and blog. There will be two sketches each month; one of them offered on the first and one on the fifteenth. If you share your take on the sketch in the April Lilly Scrapbook Chat facebook group, you will be eligible to win a Dear Lizzy Lovely Day collection kit. Here is my take on the sketch.

As you can see - the sketch was my jumping off point but I tweaked it to suit my needs and my style. The first thing I did: I turned it upside down. Why? Because I wanted to use the black and white stripe and I wanted it to be the smaller wide stripe. But if I had placed it on top, it wouldn't have worked because it is such a bold and heavy patterned paper. This (in my opinion) is a paper that always needs to be on or near the ground when used in such large quantities.

I moved the title to the bottom of the photo because the word was too long for the top right and the photo needed some shelf to sit on due to the strange photo. I tried to use the same type of embellishment in each of the clusters. I had a strange gap between the small cluster on the left and the stripes behind the photo. So I tuck two more tags in there and it looked much better, so I actually had a great space for my journaling.

Don't forget to head over to the April Lilli shop where you can find this month's featured collection for 20% off.

March 7, 2017

Cocoa Daisy Planner Team: Introduction

Each member of the Cocoa Daisy Planner Team is introducing themselves in the Cocoa Daisy Planner Fans facebook group this month. Today is my turn to introduce myself but I feel like I have so much to tell. I hope you'll make it to the end. My name is Simone, I am German living in the Bay Area with my husband and three sons. We moved here only 1.5 years ago, but have adjusted pretty well.

I have been crafting ever since I was little because my mom was/is a very talented crafter, there are photos where I am weaving, trying to crochet and sew. I collected stationery items when I was in my preteens and I still have that collection. As a paper nerd I had a list book where I would list my favorite foods, my friends, the boys I had a crush on, animals I wanted to have and so on.

I then forgot about my paper obsession for about 10 years when I moved on to fabric and sewed mostly clothing for my sons and me. I returned to paper crafting when I found Project Life in 2014 and then started to watch youtube videos in bulk. And this is how I came across Doris Sander​'s videos where she shared the DaisyDori. I bought a leftover Dori from a previous month to try and then immediately subscribed.

In August 2016 I actually cancelled my Dori subscription because I felt so guilty not using all the pages and tried different kinds of layouts for planning in a midori insert. Just when I thought I figured it all out, my system started to fall apart and I needed to adjust.

March 2017 is the first month that I am back in a DaisyDori for my planner. I changed to daily pages (so I will definitely use all the pages) which gives me enough room for all my plans, afternoon activities and thoughts. My planning style could be described as functional first, then pretty. I want my planner to work for me first, then I will pretty it up. I am trying to use all the stickers that come in the kit and they help me to visualize more important tasks and create a "layout that is pleasing to the eye."

In January I started to journal/memory keep/scrapbook in a DaisyDori as well. I affectionately call it smashdori (which is a word by Arleigh, the designer of the pretty planner things from Cocoa Daisy) because it reminds me so much of smashbooking. I thought this was something new, but I just pulled out my old journal from 1991 (that is 26 years ago) and it looks less colorful but the tendencies are there. So maybe this is something that is very natural to me.

See, I told you this was going to be long. But I still want to add three random facts about me:
1. I am the oldest of five children.
2. After I became obsessed with sewing, my mom got back into this hobby as well and actually opened a fabric store several years ago at age 58.
3. My husband and I are high school sweethearts and have been together for 21 years.

My social media:
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/seemownay
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seemownay/

March 2, 2017

April Lilli Design Team: You are braver than you believe.

I have put off writing about this layout until the very last minute because I really don't know where to start and what to tell. Maybe if I start this way:

For my April Lilli projects I have been going back to the very first photos that are on my computer (yes, all other digital photos have been lost). They are sorted by year and month and for my March projects I look through March of 2010 to 2013 and mark all photos as favorites that spark some kind of story or resonate with me. From these photos I then choose the ones that go with the color scheme of this month's collection and which stories feel most important to me. Most of the times I end up with 5 stories. This gives me a good start. I can play with five different options and showcase two of them as my monthly design team projects. If I have time, energy and motivation left, I can still work on the others, if I don't, I'll at least have two older stories more in the books. I chose the photo of this mirror selfie because then I took them almost daily.

I had planned to make a page about the many mirror selfies I took during that time to share my outfit of the day on instagram. But when I had the photo in my hand it was too big, there was too much background noise on the photo and having one photo as a representation of the many mirror selfies I took just didn't feel right as well. I would rather prefer having a collage of many for that story.

So I looked at the papers again and the die cuts that came in the kit and then these thoughts ran through my mind: "I really should challenge myself to use that paper as a background!" - "Yes, what is the point of saving things you love rather than using them?" - "I wonder if I can fussy cut these houses as a strip and use them at the bottom of a layout." - "But what story would you tell? And where would the photo go?" - "Ok, this really does look good, it needs grounding but other than that ..." - "What if I cut myself out of that photo and then tuck it behind the houses? Then nobody would notice that I don't have feet in that picture. Haha, this looks just like a giant in a tiny world."

"Ok, this is complete nonsense, what is the story here?" - "Do I always need a story?" - "Well, you usually do!" (Muffles the sound of this other inner voice. It's just so much fun!) "Let's look at the die cuts, maybe I can ... oh! Those circles have affirmations on them ... maybe I can add them to embellishment clusters close to the photo. And then look for a quote that reinforces these affirmations. That is it! It is an image of growing out of your black and white world, growing taller than you ever believed you could. Perfect!"

Then everything came together quite easily: I decided to stamp the quote to the background using an elle's studio alpha stamp set and add even more embellishments in a vertical strip to balance the horizontal strip of the houses and give the quote an nice frame. And there's that! I am absolutely in love with this layout!

The Lovely Day collection by Dear Lizzy is 20% off for the whole month of March 2017 in the April Lilli shop!

February 27, 2017

Planning in a Traveler's Notebook: Planner Struggle & March Setup.

If you follow me closely on my other social media like instagram or youtube, the things I am going to tell you now, might be old news to you. But if not, here it goes.

For the past several weeks I have been struggling to use my planner, I didn't have enough room to actually make it work as a functional planner, add some pretty embellishments and at the same time be still pleasing to the eye. I also used to carry my planner everywhere but had started to leave it at home because it was too bulky and heavy. Add to that the fact that some of my additional traveler's notebook covers didn't work as planned. It was time to face the inevitable: the way I had sought out to plan in 2017 in the beginning of January needs to be changed. I filmed a lengthy video about my planner struggles, please check it out here.

My idea is to switch things up completely by using a personal size traveler's notebook starting in April, this should help with the weight and bulkyness. For the month of March, I decided to go back to my Cocoa Daisy insert, the DaisyDori in standard size and try to use one whole page for daily planning. This should address the issue of roominess. Again, I filmed a process and setup for my March DaisyDori, what I didn't expect was that I was completely stumped when it came to the layout of the daily pages. So I decided to take it one step at a time and only prepare the first couple of days and then move forward from there.

And finally, the last thing I wanted to share is by far the most exciting: I have been chosen to be on the Cocoa Daisy Day Planner Team for 2017. Alongside other lovely ladies I will be sharing my planning and memory keeping process with their products and hope to be inspiring to you all!

February 22, 2017

April Lilli Design Team: Geschwisterplüsch.

For my April Lilli Design Team projects, I have been digging deep into my stash of photos that are on my computer but have never been printed. This photo was taken by a preschool photographer and I loved it ever since I got it. The hurdle: it was only given to me in digital format and somehow I never ended up printing it. When I saw that photo with the flowers in the foreground I knew I had found the perfect match for the "Adore you" paper by Crate Paper.

I fussy cut the flowers but needed something for the background. I didn't want to go the same route, however, of using gesso and the packaging technique as I did with the XOXO Layout. I know now, I can do that kind of mixed media and I will definitely do more in the future but not this time. So I tried to enlarge one of the flowers on a scrap piece of paper and then used this as a template for piercing holes and embroidered the outline of the flower. I then dug out my oil pastels from Faber-Castell and lightly shaded the flower to easily distinguish the flower from the white background.

When it came to putting the layout together, I felt the boxed shape of the photo to be very disturbing, none of the other shapes were linear and so I bravely cut into the photo and cut their silhouettes. To further embellish I used the flowers that were cut from the paper, some pieces from the ephemera pack and the floral shape that was on the chipboard sheet. The title literally translates to "sibling plush" and perfectly nestles in between the flowers underneath the photo. I added in tile stickers from Studio Calico for the first part of the title.

Lastly, I added splatters. Well, I shouldn't have done that because they went all wrong, I wanted them to be big and they were only resembling tiny, misty drops. And worst of all, one of them landed on a strand of embroidery floss and dyed it black. After some mourning, I decided to add the heart embellishment clusters and I really like the way they finish off the layout. So the accident wasn't that bad after all.

If you read all the way up to here: thank you! Go check out the Crate Paper "Heart Day" collection in April Lilli's shop which is still 20% off until the end of February 2017.