August 19, 2016

Project Life: Album Share August 2015

I have been living life and just did not have the energy to keep up this blog. But I am back and try to get back into a routine that balances my real and virtual life so that I can have both. I have great plans, the boys are back in school and I want to be more creative and share my creative endeavors with you again.

I am beginning with a series of videos that I filmed in March and just uploaded to my computer yesterday. They are shares of my Project Life 2015 from August all the way through December. I divided them into smaller videos and this is the first one.

When I listen to myself talking I cringe everytime, it sounds so strange. All of the seasoned youtubers I watch just seem to be talking so easily and they have so much to say. I don't. Maybe I have to take notes and read a script? I hope this will get better, just like everything else at my beginners' stage: the setup and the editing. For now, I hope you bear with me and smile at my first try and come back for more. Let's go on this journey together and watch me get better with every new video. (At least that's what I hope will happen. ;-))

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