November 3, 2016

Planning in a Traveler's Notebook: October Review and November Setup

I would have never thought that I needed a monthly overview, but when I decided last month that I wouldn't use it, I actually went back and filled it in about 5 days into October. So this month I made sure I filled in all the events and get a good feeling for the month.

How do I utilize the monthly overview? I mark birthdays, holidays, school breaks. I add appointments, regular activities (in the mornings) and events. I do not need exact times because I don't use it for accurate planning. As I said before: the monthly overview gives me a feeling for the month, this is where I can find out if my goals align with the ongoing events. This is where I notice: "Shoot, THIS is actually November, if I want my kids to have an adventcalendar by December 1st, I have to do it BEFORE that day." Or: "I am reading in the classroom on Friday, there is two other appointments in the mornings that week, don't plan on getting any crafty time in." Or: "If I want to send a postcard for that birthday, I need to send it by that date because it takes a week to get there."

Are you using a monthly overview in your planner? And if so, how are you using it? If you want to see what my October planner pages looked like and see how I decorated Novembers planner spread, here is a video.

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  1. Hallo Simone, da meine Wochen ja langweilig (oder eher beruhigend) gleich sind, benutze ich eigentlich ausschließlich eine monatliche Planung. In meinen großen A3-Kalender trage ich dann alle wichtigen, nicht regelmäßigen Termine ein. Dann natürlich mit Zeit usw.
    An der Arbeit versuche ich mich gerade im Bullet Journaling und es klappt eigentlich ganz gut. Für Privat nutze ich es nur selten in abgespeckter Version, wenn es gerade sehr turbulent zugeht. LG Daniela