September 15, 2016

felicity jane: paperexchange 2016

In August I participated in the felicity jane paper exchange. If you don't know what it is you can read more about it here.

My partner had just recently gotten a webster's pages traveler notebook planner and so I thought that I would make a themed package for her. I started with a pencil case and some crochet flowers, went on to make paper clips using fabric scraps and tried to crochet a flower onto a paper clip and then I made her a folder for the planner that I then filled with several goodies from my stash.

Unfortunately, the folder was a little bit too short and I only noticed when I went to wrap the gift and saw that it was shorter than the notebook inserts I had also made for her. So I made another one, but I included the folder that I had originally made since it matched the pencil case so perfectly.

Here is a short video showing all of the things I included in the exchange package.