September 12, 2016

Plan with me: Week 37.

I don't know about you, but I really love watching youtube videos while doing chores or cooking dinner. That is how I found plan with me videos - people showing their decorating and/or planning process on video. I have been watching youtube since the end of 2014 and always wanted to give back to this awesome community. Scrapbooking videos felt so daunting and when I started decorating my planner (yes, I never thought I would do that), I felt that making process videos about my weekly planning process was something I could manage. Sort of like: starting out slowly.

So I have been filming my process for the last weeks and hopefully learned a lot every time I edited, voiced over and uploaded a video. This is already my 4th weekly plan with me. If you want to check it out, please follow the link. And if you like what you see there is even more: Plan with me. Week 35. And last week's video: Plan with me. Week 36.

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