September 26, 2016

Mini-Album: Marilyn's Stories.

On Saturday I was able to spend all day working on this mini album. I love how it turned out. I even used ribbon which I rarely do as you might have noticed. But someone commented on one of my photos where I was wondering what to do with them, that there will come a time where I would have a use for them. And it has come! I am still surprised about that change!

When constructing the album I didn't follow any instructions, I just winged it. But I guess, next time I will first take a look at this amazing woman's blog where she shares so many ideas on how to make different kinds of mini albums. My album came out ok, but it could be better, if I had a little more background knowledge in bookbinding. But for a first, I am very satisfied with the outcome.

In my video, I talk a little more on why I made it, who it is for and how I went about constructing the album, so if you want to know even more, just go ahead and watch. I would love to hear your feedback! Thank you so much!

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