October 20, 2018

Cut files in a Traveler's Notebook | Scale it down

These past two Scale it down episodes, Suzanna and I looked at ways to incorporate digital cut files into Traveler's Notebooks. Here are two spreads that I created using free files from Paige Evans.

I resized the summer file to about 2.5 x 2.5 inches and it still cut out well. I am in love with using full page photos in my spreads lately and so the sun worked perfectly in the sky part of my photo. It didn't cover up any important details and it also helped to increase the contrast between the background and the color of the sun. You can see in the video (click here to watch) how the visibility of the sun changes when placed on the left side of the spread on a white background. I then just added a little bit of journaling and some embellishments to the left side of the spread.

Can you see the shimmer of the paint in the background? This spread or actually the mixed media in the background was inspired completely by accident when I spilled this paint onto the page while creating another spread. But I absolutely love that the accident resulted in this spread.

The cut file is part of an 8.5 x 11 inch background and I only used two rows of clouds. I didn't resize anything, cut the original file, used some mixed media in the background, again used another full size photo and then added only a tiny bit of journaling to the left side of the spread, right above the clouds. In the video you will see how I go back and forth between using more of the clouds on the left side and then ultimately deciding on using these two rows in order not to compete with the photo and leave it as the focus of the spread.

Thanks so much for stopping in today! I hope you were inspired to create some simple spreads documenting your favorite memories!

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