October 16, 2018

Week 27 | Project Life 2018

I realize more and more that sometimes less is more. For this spread I tried to find cards that balanced the red dirt from the Baseball field as well as the blue sky. The title card from feed your craft with its matching stripes is a bold choice but took away some of the weight from these photos. The rest of the cards are very simple and light since most of my photos from that week were rather on the darker side.

With the Stanley alpha stamps from Elle's Studio I added in another bold element which is able to guide your eye through the spread. Since I am still missing the number stickers I had to be creative with the week number and chose my typewriter as another element. It also solved the problem of writing on the slick surface of the blue card in the bottom right. If you want to hear all about my thought process and why I placed cards and embellishments the way I did, please check out the process video on my process video on youtube.

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